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A mailing list for IDEX Prep classes, study materials and the IDEX California exam.

Last Message: FAQ - IDEXprep Study Class

IDEX prep classes *Study for the May, 2017 IDEX Exam*** /Register for our study class today/ *FAQ** **(Frequently Asked Questions)   *** */Q. /*/ *Did the IDEX exam change for the 2013 code?* /*A.* Yes. The IDEX Exam changed on May, 2015 for the 2013 California Building Code (CBC). The IDEX will not be reviewed again (for possible changes) until 2017 for the next code cycle in 2016.*/Q. Will your class work on ...


IDEXprep 2014

Interior design

Last Message: Study for the October IDEX

IDEX exam, California interior design exam CCIDC   * *The IDEX® Exam is required to become a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California. * *** *IDEX Prep Online - 2014**/The first & best online class to study for the IDEX exam./*///Comprehensive and convenient! ./Compare classes *100% of our students passed the Oct. 2013 exam.* * */Accepted by //CCIDC// for 1.0 unit of CEU credit //(CEU credit for existing CIDs...