October IDEX starts soon

From: "IDEX Prep" <support@idexprep.com>
Subject: October IDEX starts soon
Date: September 11th 2016


     The October IDEX starts October 1st, just 20 days from now.

     If you are taking the October IDEX and have not started studying yet, please enroll in a study course.
It is the rare designer who passes this exam without ever studying. 

     Try our demo course. You have nothing to lose. 
Register at  http://idexprep.com/idexprep-online-class.html

     If you like it, SAVE 10% by registering BEFORE midnight tonight. 

Have questions? Feel free to contact me at support@idexprep.com

Thanks and best regards,

 - - Deni Mosser, CID #0022 / NCIDQ #5865
for www.IDEXprep.com

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