Study for the October IDEX

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Subject: Study for the October IDEX
Date: September 19th 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear Designer,

The October IDEX Exam begins in 2 weeks.

Join these CIDs who took our class and passed the exam:

“I passed! Your class was very informative. I joined while I only had a month before my test and I still retained enough information to pass. Thank you for being responsive to all of my questions.”
– – JK, San Pedro, CA

“Your online prep was excellent! I really liked the format and it is done in such an organized way that helps me arrange all that information in my head. Just how I like to study.”
– – JP, Los Angeles, CA

Register for your class today.

“I passed! THANK YOU! I am now relaxing and enjoying the ‘pass factor’. Thanks again!”
– – AK, Los Gatos, CA

“Everything was very well put together. All the study materials was so concise that it left no room for misinterpretation or confusion. Besides that, the instructor was always very prompt with answers if anyone had any questions. The class was very well structured.”
– – GJ, Phoenix, AZ

“I received my results last night. And yes, I passed! I want to thank you for your class. It was most helpful to my success.”
– – MB, South Pasadena, CA

Register now and get the information you need to pass.

Visit at

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