How is the IDEX exam different from the NCIDQ?

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Subject: How is the IDEX exam different from the NCIDQ?
Date: August 31st 2018

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How is the IDEX® different from the NCIDQ?                        

® California is a certification exam for interior designers which started in 2009.
It replaces all the different national exams that were previously required by CCIDC to become a
*Certified Interior Designer. These national exams were the CQRID, the NCIDQ, or both parts of NKBA, plus the �California Codes and Regulations Exam� (CCRE).   

® California is one comprehensive exam that is specific to California building codes, regulations, ethics, interior design and business practices, regardless of �specialty�.

How is the NCIDQ different from IDEX
®? While NCIDQ is a good exam, it does not, and never has tested on California building codes, and that is why CCIDC had to administer their extra codes exam, the CCRE.

In addition, the NCIDQ does not allow �experience only� designers. It has become so restrictive in their work experience requirement they are shutting out many qualified interior designers from taking their exam. 

Before a designer can even sit for the NCIDQ they are required to accumulate a certain kind of work experience so this means students who have just graduated cannot take the NCIDQ.  This is unfair to graduates and is not in compliance with California law.  

Interior designers want to know: Should they take the NCIDQ? 
We say no and yes.
No, it is not needed or required to become a �Certified Interior Designer� in California.
Yes, if you practice in a state that requires the NCIDQ or if you want to take it for additional, professional reasons.

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A �Certified Interior Designer� is a legal title under California law - the highest professional credential an interior designer can have in California. The state of California does not legally recognize NCIDQ �certificate holders� nor memberships in ASID, IIDA, NKBA, IDS or other interior design associations.

CCIDC is the Certification board in California that is responsible for certifying interior designers. Their full name is the
California Council for Interior Design Certification.

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