Did you fail the IDEX?

From: "IDEX Prep" <support@idexprep.com>
Subject: Did you fail the IDEX?
Date: March 19th 2019

Dear Designer,

If you previously took the IDEX exam and failed, we've got you covered in two ways.

1.  You can get a 25% rebate on our class.

How it works:

- After you register and pay for our class, send us the date you failed the exam so we can verify it with CCIDC.

- Once verified with CCIDC, you will  get a 25% rebate check mailed to you when your class time has expired.

- This offer is good ONLY for designers who never took our prep class before.

2.   Our class has a VERY HIGH PASSAGE RATE!   However, once in a while a student may not pass.
For them, we offer a repeat class for free. The offer is good for 18 months from the date they  took  the exam.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Deni Mosser CID #0022 / NCIDQ #5865
for http://www.IDEXprep.com

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