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From: "IDEX Prep" <>
Subject: IDEX anxiety
Date: April 9th 2019


A student emailed me today with concerns about passing the exam. I just want to touch base with you, to say that it is normal to feel anxiety and uncertainty when preparing for the IDEX (or for any exam really).

There are a few things I'd like you to know on how to prepare.

First, if you haven't done so yet, please read the CCIDC study guide - especially the area called VII. Performance Objectives (starting on the bottom of page 9 - 18) at and also see their practice questions page 19-28.

The Performance Objectives indicate what you will be tested on.

Our IDEXPrep class has strived to follow this guide and provide students with a good background on what to study.

No prep class can tell you everything to memorize, nor give you the exact exam questions and answers. This would not only be impossible and unethical, it would cheat the candidate out of the satisfaction of passing on their own knowledge.

Over studying, or studying topics (that are not mentioned in the CCIDC guide) is non-productive. Excessive worrying about code or technical issues not mentioned in the CCIDC guide or on topics not typical to interior design practice, is a waste of time and energy.

Continue going through the presentations, quizzes and handout materials in the online IDEXPrep class.

Passage of Exam: You must get 102 questions correct (out of 150).

Remember, the IDEX exam (as in other professions) tests on "minimum competency at entry level" as required by California law.

So, please try to relax while studying, don't worry excessively, take breaks, eat right, go for a walk and get enough sleep. I have confidence that most of you will pass the IDEX exam on the first try.

Very best regards,

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