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We respect your privacy and will not release your E-mail address to any third parties without your permission.

End User Agreement:
By registering for IDEX Prep classes, I hereby agree that I will not share or sell my class time, nor disclose my username or password to anyone. I understand IDEX reserves the right to disable my account for any suspicious download activity or excessive logins. I certify that I will be the end-user of IDEX Prep classes and the handout materials contained within the classroom are for my private use only. I will not reproduce, distribute, reuse or repackage the handout materials for any class that competes with IDEX

Free Demonstration
Prior to paying for a class, students are encouraged to register for the 1-day “IDEX Prep Demonstration to verify their computer is compatible with the class materials.

If you need to cancel your class, cancellation/refund requests must be received within the first 24 hours after paying for your class. Cancellation of IDEX classes will be subject to a $75 administration fee which will be withheld from the total fee paid for the IDEX Prep online and the California Codes class (or a $25 administration fee from the Business & Design class).
E-mail your request for a cancellation/refund within the first 24 hours after paying for your class.

If you need to postpone your class time, E-mail and request that we temporarily disable your account. When you are ready to recommence your class, E-mail us to reactivate your account. We are able to postpone class time up to 90 days, however, after that you risk having your account permanently disabled.

If you think you have overpaid, either by accident or because of a server error, a refund will be made in the amount of the overpayment. For refund of overpayment,
E-mail us within 72 hours of the suspected overpayment. You will receive a confirmation E-mail regarding your refund.

If you took the IDEX exam and did not pass
If you took our online class and did not pass, you are eligible to take a FREE class*. This offer is good for 18 months from the date of your exam. To get your FREE class,
E-mail us the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Date you took the IDEX exam
  3. Give us permission to verify with CCIDC that you failed the exam
  4. Tell us the date you want to start your class

    *Your free class will be the same duration as the class you previously paid for.

Designers who enroll in our classes should already have an interior design education and would benefit from having work experience in the interior design industry. Our classes are intended to prepare you for the IDEX exam. They are not intended to be complete building codes or interior design classes.

Be sure to add our email address to your contact list so our mail does not go into your “spam bin”.

Computer requirements
You need high-speed Internet access, a computer with a Web browser, a printer, the ability to view Adobe Flash and to download and read Adobe .pdf files. This class is compatible with PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers.

Mobile devices: Your iPad or Android mobile device must have a web browser that can render Flash. We have been successful running our class on an iPad using the Puffin web browser that is made for iPad and Android devices (see iPad screenshots)We’ve also seen our class on a few phones (but the screens are too small to make it worthwhile). This said, we cannot offer any warranty of suitability for any mobile or other small screen electronic Internet devices.

Updates and Revisions and instructor may update, revise, add or delete class materials at any time it is deemed necessary. Active registered students will be notified of significant changes either via E-mail or by posting in the What's New area on the class page.

CEU credit is ONLY available for existing CIDs, and NOT IDEX candidates.
Our class is accepted by
CCIDC for 1.0 unit of CEU credit for existing CIDs only. 1.0 = equals 10 hours of class time.

This class covers a portion of a very large body of reference materials that were used to write the IDEX
® California exam. While every effort has been made to accurately cover a wide area of knowledge, we make no representation or warranty that students will pass the IDEX exam or that this class is complete and/or without error.

Have a Question?
Contact the Instructor using the link on your class page, or
send E-mail to Deni Mosser, CID 0022  

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