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The IDEX Exam Will Change May, 2015

The CCIDC review of the 2013 California Building Code (CBC) against the IDEX California exam has been completed.  The updates to the IDEX exam will be in place for the May, 2015 test window.

The IDEX will not be reviewed again (for possible changes) until 2017 covering the next code cycle in 2016.

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Deadline for May 2015 IDEX

The deadline to register for the May, 2015 IDEX exam is Sunday, March 1, 2015 (no later than 11:59 pm).

If you have failed the IDEX exam and have never taken our online class, you may qualify for a 25% rebate.Click here for more details.

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No changes to October 2014 IDEX exam

CCIDC made an announcement today in their September eNews that the October 2014 IDEX exam will not change. The October exam will be based on 2007-2010 codes and  there are no questions in the October exam that will have possible answers that relate to 2013 CBC.

This is great news for the IDEX candidates who are current students of  IDEXprep.com because they are receiving all the information they need to pass the October 2014  IDEX. In addition, they are also receiving the newest 2013 California codes information (relevant to interior designers) in their handouts, which will help them in their interior design practice and supplement their design library!

CCIDC indicated that the 2013 CBC updates to the IDEX exam will be in effect May, 2015 to keep pace with the ever-changing California building codes (which change every three years).

CCIDC also noted that the IDEX exam is the only interior design exam in the nation that gets reviewed and changed as necessary to keep current with California’s building codes.

IDEXprep.com is ready for the May 2015 exam covering the 2013 CBC.

Have questions?  Send us an email

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2013 CBC – Changes in Accessibility, Energy and Occupancy

There are a number of changes in the 2013 California Building Codes. This post will shine a small light on a few of the accessibility, energy and occupancy changes which may affect Certified Interior Designers, and may affect changes to the IDEX California exam.

As any interior designer knows,  there has always been confusion and discrepancies between the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s access code.

I have been reading that for 2013, the CBC has changed its accessibility Chapters 11A and 11B to align itself more with ADA Standards format (2010). This may help somewhat,  but California will likely always have it’s own brand of access laws we must be familiar with.

While it is still uncertain if the IDEX California exam will be updated for October 2014 and what those changes to the exam may be, here are just a few 2013 CA code changes that have been identified which could impact CIDs:

CHANGES for Toilets and Lavatories –
* Centerline distance of a toilet next to a wall or partition is now 17″-18” (was 18”).
* Lavatory overlap is no longer permitted.
* An ambulatory stall is now required for every 6 toilet fixtures, including urinals.   (Previously, urinals were not included in the min. fixture count).

CHANGES for Handrails
* Clearance of handrail to wall is now 1-1/2″ minimum.  (was 1-1/2″ absolute)
* Diameter of handrail is now 1-1/4″ – 2″  (was 1-1/2″ max.)
* There are more options for gripping surfaces.

The 2013 California Energy Code went into effect July 1, 2014.  It covers both residential and commercial buildings and there were quite a few changes.
A few examples are:

Residential Lighting – Improving and clarifying the mandatory lighting requirements for all residential buildings, including kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, utility rooms, garages, hall ways, bedrooms, and outdoor lighting. Require at least one high efficacy luminaire in each bathroom.

Nonresidential indoor lighting
*Advanced multi-level lighting controls (controllable ballasts) increasing from one intermediate level to three intermediate levels or for continuous dimming), to allow precise and non interruptive adjustment of lighting to match the available daylighting, and provide dimming and demand response function throughout the building.

*Requirement of use of occupancy sensors to limit lighting and plug loads
(in various occupancies)

* Hotel/Motel Guest Room Occupancy Controls for HVAC and lighting systems  – would require installation of occupancy controls for HVAC equipment, and all lighting fixtures in hotel/motel guest rooms, including plug in lighting.

*Commercial kitchens now have an occupancy per CBC:
A2 – for commercial kitchens associated with restaurants
F1 – for commercial food preparation facilities that are not associated with restaurants.

Again, to be clear, the above are only a few examples of changes in accessibility, energy and occupancy for 2013.  Not listed in this post are 2013 changes that have occurred in fire codes, means of egress, and more. This post is to be taken as general information only, and does not mean these changes will (or will not) appear as changes in The IDEX California exam.

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