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Memo to designers working on projects in California

If you are already a Certified Interior Designer,  you do not have to take the IDEX
® California exam. The exam is only for designers who want to become Certified in California.

If you are a non certified interior designer working on projects in California, you do not have to take the IDEX
® nor be certified but your projects are still subject to California Building Codes.

Any designer living in California or not,  will benefit from taking our
IDEX Prep Online class.

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Certified Interior Designer is a legally recognized title and credential administered by the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC). CCIDC issues an ID card and a stamp for your drawings (for building dept. plan check) and the credential provides client assurance of minimum competency in the interior design profession. Once certified you may use any of the following legal titles: 

Certified Interior Designer in the state of California (with or without #xxxx)
Certified Interior Designer (with or without #xxxx)
CID (with or without #xxxx)

A CID may also say they are certified by CCIDC (with or without #xxxx) but this more of an explanation rather than a title designated by
California law.

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