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(Frequently Asked Questions)
Updated January 26, 2024

Q. What codes are covered in the current IDEX exam?
A. The exam was updated October 2023 and covers the 2022 Califoria building codes. Some of the new code questions were written by a panel of subject matter experts which included members of the ICC (International Codes Council). 
Want to know more about the new exam?  Contact CCIDC.

Q. Is the content in your class updated to align with new IDEX?
A. Yes! We’ve added and updated lessons and questions, written new quizzes and have many new handouts relating to the 2019 building codes, and more

Q. Do I need to purchase all the reference books listed in CCIDC’s study guide?
A. Our class is very comprehensive and we have a high passage rate. Unless you want the books for your design library, we believe our class is complete enough so you don’t need to go to the extra expense of purchasing the reference books.

Q. I previously failed the IDEX but didn’t take your class.
A. We offer a 25% rebate if you want to take our class. If you took our class and for whatever reason you did not pass, see our policy page.

QAre these live classes that meet at a specific time? Or, can I access on my own time?
A. Our class is not live, nor are there video lectures (which I feel can be distracting). When you enroll, you are given a classroom area that contains all the lessons and quizzes. You can take them in order, or you can skip around.  You can view the lessons and quizzes as many times as you like in the alotted class time. There is also a handout area where you have access to over 50 handouts to view, print, or download. PLEASE enroll in our no obligation demo class to see how the classroom and handout area work.

Q. Do I really need 75 days to complete your class?
A. No, not at all ...  but we are giving you a lot extra time in case you need it. Our class used to be offered for 60 days but some designers always asked for more time. Since everyone reads at a different pace, has different levels of education and work experience, plus a busy schedule, we are giving you the best prep course with a long access time to help you pass the exam. It is up to you, the student, to look through the materials and pace yourself according to your situation and lifestyle, so you can finish your class within the required timeframe.

Q. Will your class work on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet?
A. Yes, our class uses HTML 5 and has tested well on PC (Windows), Mac, desktop, laptop, tablets and phones (iOS and Android) with current web browsers. You will need access to a printer for many of our handouts.

Q. What are your requirements for taking your class? 
A. You need high-speed Internet access, a computer or mobile device with a Web browser, a printer, the ability to download and read Adobe .pdf files. Students should already have an interior design education and would benefit from having work experience in the interior design industry, both residential and commercial. Our classes are intended to prepare you to pass the IDEX exam. They are not intended to be complete building codes or interior design classes.

Q. Do I need to install a plug-in or extra software to take your classes?
A. No, but we recommend you first enroll in our one-day FREE demo class.  

Q. Is there anything else I need to know before enrolling?
A. Yes, we recommend you visit our Terms and Policies page.

Q. Who is the original idex prep?
A.   We are the first. Launched in Sept. 2011, we are in our 13th year of offering this online class. We are not affiliated with the so-called “original idex prep” but we were, and still are, the original model on which they base themselves.
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Q. What do past students say about your class?
A. They love it! Here’s some testimonials.

Q. Why have you discontinued the  “IDEX Prep eGuide”?
A. Since we are now offering the highest quality IDEX Prep class in an easy-to-use framework, we have discontinued the IDEX Prep eGuide which we first published in 2009.

Q. I don’t live in California. Can I take your prep class to help me become a Certified Interior Designer?
A. Yes, you can take our IDEX Prep class from anywhere. If you want to take the IDEX EXAM however, you must first apply for certification with CCIDC and meet their education, experience and requirements.

Q. Are CEUs available if I take your class?
A. Yes, but only for existing CIDs, and not IDEX candidates. Our class is accepted by CCIDC for 1.0 unit of CEU credit for existing CIDs only. Note: 1.0 unit = equals 10 hours of class time.

Q.What is your refund policy?
A.Please review our Terms & Policies page.

Q. Who is the instructor of the IDEX Prep online class?
A. Deni Mosser is the author of the “IDEX Prep eGuide” and is the developer/instructor for this class. She is a Certified Interior Designer #0022 (1992) and an NCIDQ certificate holder #5865 (1986). Deni has over 30 years of experience as an interior designer and over 22 years of experience in Web design. Read more here.

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