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                     Online course for future Certified Interior Designers

Los Angeles, CA -- Interior designers have a new tool to study for the *IDEX® California exam.
The IDEX Prep Online class is a self-paced course to help designers pass the exam to help them become a Certified Interior Designer (CID) under California Business & Professions Code Section 5800.

As the public's knowledge of interior designers may be limited to so called reality TV shows, Certification gives consumers an opportunity to hire a qualified professional for their home or business.  CIDs have proven  education, experience, sign a code of ethics and pass the IDEX
® exam which covers California building codes, business practices, ethics, and design standards.

The IDEX Prep Online class contains 34 lessons and quizzes, 385 practice questions, dozens of handouts and a final 150 question quiz.  The class helps students understand California Title 24, the building department process, disabled access, material performance and fire tests, lighting, sustainable green design, and much more.

The course is available for anyone with an internet connection. The IDEX Prep Online class is a modestly priced, comprehensive course for interior designers, architects or design students regardless of where they live. There are no enrollment prerequisites, and students have a choice of 60 or 90 days of access to complete the course. A free demonstration is offered to sample the class, to assure students that their equipment and web browser is compatible. Enrollment is 24/7 at

*IDEX stands for interior design examination. It is the official required exam to become a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California. The exam is administered by the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC, Inc. ) The exam is given two months per year, in May and in October.  The deadline to register for the May IDEX® exam is midnight March 1st. The deadline to register for the October IDEX® exam is midnight, August 1st.

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For more information contact:
Deni J. Mosser, CID #0022

Deni J. Mosser is the developer of The IDEX Prep Online class. She is a Certified Interior Designer #0022 and an NCIDQ certificate holder #5865. She has over 30 years of experience as a commercial interior designer and has created interior concepts and design solutions for over 250 restaurants.

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