“Your online prep was excellent!  I really liked the format and it is done in such an organized way that helps me arrange all that information in my head.  Just how I like to study.”
– – JP, Los Angeles, CA

“The concise manner of the format made it easy to do 2 or 3 modules in a 45 minute sitting. That way studying did not require large blocks of time, because after all, who has that luxury?”
– – KT, Redondo Beach, CA

“It was a great class. It distilled the vast quantity of information that is covered by the IDEX syllabus into a series of practical, targeted lessons that highlighted the critical information most relevant to the exam. That said, I encourage students to read the supplementary information suggested, and other references to better understand the context of each lesson.  The course structure is good, but its up to the student to make the most of it. My strategy was a 3-pass one. First pass was a quick, general reading of all the lessons, getting familiar with the unfamiliar, so to speak, doing the tests and getting learning from the questions answered incorrectly. Second pass was reading actively – taking hand written notes, and doing the tests again. Third pass was quick re-read and study of the items that were most unfamiliar or difficult, like the Standards testing and numbering. All the best, and my complements on your hard work to produce this class.”
– – DM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Everything was very well put together. All the study materials was so concise that it left no room for misinterpretation or confusion. Besides that, the instructor was always very prompt with answers if anyone had any questions. The class was very well structured.”
– – GJ,  Phoenix, AZ

“I liked the flexibility to take a lesson, or a quiz, in whatever order I needed. I also felt all the handouts were necessary.”
– – LA, Santa Barbara, CA

The information was very orderly. And I thought it was great to be able to redo the quizzes because you then knew what to focus on.”
– – KRM,  Farmers Branch, TX

“I really liked the thoroughness of the material. I felt all of the material covered in the class was relevant to the test questions. I love the music breaks between lessons–there were some great song selections! The class compiles all of the resources, websites, handouts, and tables conveniently in one place. The quizzes are great. I only studied the information covered in the lessons as well as the handouts, and I felt really confident going into the test. Thank you for developing this great online class!”
– – TLM,  Incline Village, NV

“Organized in bite sized chunks that were easy to process. Preparer did all the legwork of pulling together what needed to be studied saving lots of time and energy.”
– – JP,  Los Angeles, CA

“IDEX Prep online class provides a clear study materials and many quiz for practice. I really enjoyed these quiz exercise, it helps me a lot.”
– – RH, Mill Valley, CA

“Consolidation of an overwhelming amount of information. Individual lessons made it manageable.”
— NS, Irvine, CA

“I liked the way that each section was broken up with a separate test per section. The overall practice test was good as well and I liked the way that it broke down your results in sections so you could go back and review those sections. I passed the exam, so that says a lot!!”
– – Respondent wished to remain anonymous

“I liked the way the class was divided. It was easy to follow and the quizzes were to the point. It prepared me well.”
– – MB, Pasadena, CA

“Chapters and quizzes are logical and good learning tool.”
– – KS, Westlake Village, CA

“I like the online slides and the testing. Also, it really culled down the information to what was actually pertinent to the exam. . . which saved time.”
– – DG, Fairfield, CA

“Critical information was summarized, and the on line course allowed me to study when I had time, from wherever I was. Handouts and reference materials were also very helpful.”
– – DL, Vacaville, CA

“I liked the way it was set up on line, it suited my learning style. I was able to go back and forth till I got it. It kept me on track.”
– – BM,  San Anselmo, CA

“The quizzes were excellent-good way to test material retention.”
– – LA,  San Diego

“I received my results last night.  And yes, I passed!  I want to thank you for your class.  It was most helpful to my success.”
– – MB, South Pasadena, CA

“I passed!  Your class was very informative. I joined while I only had a month before my test and I still retained enough information to pass.  Thank you for being responsive to all of my questions.”
– – JK, San Pedro, CA

“Great learning tool: focused and to the point.”
– –  SB, Oakland, CA

“I liked the accessibility of Deni, the author of the class. She was always very helpful”
– – CW, Cambria, CA

“Wonderful course, I feel confident I passed. The material covered in the prep course was directly in line with exam content. I felt very well prepared.”
– – KH, Los Angeles, CA

“My exam date is this Friday. I am brushing up on ADA dimensions and occupancies this week…other than those two areas I am feeling really informed! Thanks again for the class. It worked perfectly for my schedule!
– – AK, Los Gatos, CA

after the exam, the above student wrote:

“I passed! THANK YOU!  I am now relaxing and enjoying the ‘pass factor’.  Thanks again!”
– – AK, Los Gatos, CA

“I really liked the way you have it set up to use. It is very user friendly.”
– – SD, Fresno, CA

“I loved the slide shows, followed by the quizzes.”
– – AB, Coto de Caza, CA

“Handouts are complete, presentation is clear & consise, perfect as is. ”
– – SP, Fresno, CA

“I liked this class very much. I think future interior designers should take this class to gain knowledge of this industry”
– – TMC, San Francisco, CA

“A lot of info that covers a lot of codes. This class helped me focus on the important information.”
– –  TM, Los Angeles, CA