Passage of the IDEX® Exam is required to become a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California.

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IDEX Prep Online
We are the FIRST, BEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE IDEX class available.
Other classes are NOT “the original”.

Accepted by CCIDC for 1.0 unit of CEU credit - For existing CIDs only.

"I passed! THANK YOU!" - - AK Los Gatos, CA

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Study for the IDEX® California exam online, anytime.  

  • 37 lessons, each with quizzes and answers
  • A large random quiz of 150 questions that cycles through over 400 questions (to test on information retention)
  • 75 days of access, covers the IDEX® Performance Objectives and New Classification System
  • Over 50 handouts (most are large with multiple pages)
  • Integrated music breaks so you can get up and stretch.
  • Lessons have a yellow highlighter so you can highlight sentences (with your mouse).
  • E-mail instructor from inside your own personalized classroom.
  • Compare classes  
  • Free 1 day demonstration - Verify that your computer is compatible with the class materials.
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Sample questions

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"Handouts are complete, presentation is clear & concise, perfect as is."-- SP, Fresno, CA
What designers say about our class

Not taking the IDEX® ? You can still benefit from these classes by learning:
- California Building Codes
- Professional interior design practices
- Ethics, business and legal aspects
- Interior design theory . . . and more!

“Your online prep was excellent! I really liked the  format
and it is done in such an organized way " - -
P, Los Angeles, CA

Take this class anytime.

Classes include numerous lessons, quizzes, handouts, and instructor support.

Study when you feel like it -
You are not expected to stay in the classroom for any specific length of time. You can study for 30 minutes or two hours...whenever you want, throughout the duration of your class.

No interruptions or cancelled classes - Unlike a live seminar, you will not be slowed down by others questions or comments. You make your own schedule and will not be shut out by a cancelled class.

Enrollment - You can take this prep class wherever you live, nationwide.
The title Certified Interior Designer can be achieved by any interior designer in the USA or Canada who meets the certification qualifications of CCIDC. We encourage out-of-state designers to enroll to help them earn the professional credential Certified Interior Designer under California Business & Professions Code Section 5800. See for details.

"I liked this class very much. I think future interior designers should take this class to
gain knowledge of this industry" - - 
TMC, San Francisco, CA

Private classroom
All lessons, quizzes and handouts are in your own private classroom.

This is a self-study course where you pace yourself
No meeting times, assignments, grades, or homework.

Self-study does not mean isolation!
Designers may contact the instructor by e-mail inside the class.

Your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

You will be quizzed after reading each lesson. After completing each quiz you will be able to review the correct answers. Your quiz results are private, not tracked, and not graded.

"A lot of info that covers a lot of codes. This class helped me focus
on the important information."   - -
TM, Los Angeles, CA

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